How to Do Green Shopping Online
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Shopping expert Helen Malani has tips on shopping "green" online.


Host: Fine Living Network smart tips with online shopping expert Helen Malani. Helen: Shopping online is not only good for your pocketbook. It’s also good for the environment. By not driving, you reduce cope and emissions and save gas. There are few ways to make your web shopping even greener. You can take the gas work out of green shopping by finding vendors that carry only products that are echo friendly. Just type green shopping into your web browser and you’ll find all sorts of great resources from organic online retailer sites that will email you with green living tips. Plus, did you ever thing you could buy organic or locally grown fruits and vegetables online? Well, you can. Community supported agriculture groups will let you order projects online and to deliver it to you. Just type CSA and you’ll city and state into your search engine. Shopping online, it helps you live green and safer green. Host: For more, go to tips.