How to Do Golf Putting - Partner Or Caddy Advice
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Learn the secrets of playing Golf well, this video shows you how take golf putting partner or caddy advice.


How to Do Golf Putting - Partner Or Caddy Advice Mizuno Denis Pugh PGA Master Professional Rules-Caddy or Partner Advice Putting But of course golf is an individual game but the rules do allow you when you have a partner or a caddy to have some consultation when looking up the line of a putt. Now consultation is about the line of the putt. You can’t be touching that line of putt at all except to repair the pitch marks. Now when a caddy comes behind a hole like this and tends the flag, he might give you the line by just saying its 1 inch or 2 inches or more to the left or to the right wherever he sees the lines coming from. He might say its 1 ball outside or 2 balls outside. He might talk in terms of the width of the hole a cup width outside. Whichever term he uses he must use the words but not use the flag to touch the green. If touches the line to indicate you are penalized is it’s a 2 shot penalty or in match play it’s loss of hole. A thought on this, your caddy or partner they can help you like they’re your copilot. You’re the pilot, you’re in charge. Ultimately, it’s your decision on what line you want to take. Only you truly know how hard you’re going to hit that putt and as we’ve already seen the speed is very important when determining the line.