How to Do Ball Exercises in Baby and Me Yoga
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Angela shows how to do a basic yoga routine with your baby, including how to do ball exercises


Hi, my name is Angela Cerkevich and I’m a yoga instructor at Yoga Tales in Bethesda, Maryland and this is how to do yoga with your baby. Right now, were going to play with baby on the yoga ball. So, you can bring your legs out on either side of the ball, sit comfortably, you might want a pillow underneath your rear, especially for back is kind of rounding a little bit. Take your baby; put your baby up on the ball. Now, of course, this depends on the age of your baby. If your baby can’t hold his or her head up on her own, you’re going to do option number two. So, this is option number one. Most babies like bounce, bounce a lot. Yeah, yeah you do, yeah, oh now were getting a little sigh. Yeah, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. So, meanwhile you are not forgetting about your body, you can start to even circle your body around a little bit, right. Yeah, should we go back to the bouncing? They really like the bouncing. Take your low belly up and in shoulder blades down the back. What's your breathe doing, always come back to your breath. So, option number two for the really little ones or the big ones, who are learning to stand. You can put your baby on the ball like this, as you lean forward, you’re opening up the hamstrings and your hips just a little bit, but you don’t want to lean forward and let your body round like so. You want to keep nice and lifted up in the chest. So, you can drop your baby’s feet all the way to the floor, and again if they’re getting excited about standing up, they might really like that. This is also really good for the little ones, who still haven’t learned to lift their head up completely yet on their tummy time, because the ball is rounded. Their face doesn’t get stuck down on the floor, like it would on a flat surface. Great, so, you can just do this as long as you want. So, we are going to move on to core strengthen.