How to Discuss Coming Out with your Teenager
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If you have a gay teenager you will be facing some things that are even more challenging that the average teenager, learn some tips to make this process easier.


Hi, I am here with a few tips on how to approach discussing coming out with your teenager. This is a very difficult subject for all involved, I think talking to teenagers about anything is a challenge because it is just real interesting time of life when you are a teenager and I can only imagine that if you have a gay teenager that they are going to be facing some things are even more challenging in this day and age but I do believe that there are more support groups than ever and kids are acknowledging that they are gay at a very early age when they know, they are sure. They usually try to meet and greet that feeling and you know not hide it because that is really a crippling thing, I believe so if you are faced with disgusting this with your teenager. I think the most important thing is to do a lot of listening because most of the information that you are going to need as a parent is going to come right from your child and it is up to you to be cool, calm, collected and I know you probably love your child to death no matter if they are straight or gay that does not have anything to do with it but they are facing something that is a life changing event and they need your support so really it is about listening and being supportive and also as a parent you can network out—there are groups for parents of gay children and you can get together with them and discuss and be part of the group so that is a brief overview on discussing coming out with your teen.