How to Digitally Share iPod Music to Different Rooms
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GetConnected TV gives you up to date tech news and reviews on products to help you at home and in the office,this video will focus on how to digitally share iPod music in different rooms of your house.


It’s time to check out the Inbox. This week, we’ve got a question from Geoff in Waterloo and he asks, “I have an iPod, how do I share that music digitally to other rooms in my home?” Well, we’ve looked at a number of different solutions in the past on the show as far as streaming digital music to different rooms, my favorite being the Sono System, there’s also the new one from Logitech called their Squeezebox. We wanted to have a look at something that actually used the docking station. We have one here from IOGEAR, and this is a combination base station and receiver that will allow you to share your digital music once you plug the receiver and the speakers into any room in the house. Pretty simple to setup, and that was one of the benefits of this system. I had it up and going honestly within a couple of minutes. You plug the bass station into wherever you want to access it easily. Plug the power cord in. You can see I’ve got the iPod docked right into it and it also has adaptors for older once. Once that’s done, you take the receiver and to show you, I’ve got it plugged in to a power cord or adaptor. You can plug the stereo into the wall or into an outlet like this. And once that’s done, you can see on the bottom, I’ve got the audio outputs here, RCA, the red and the white stereo. And I’ve got this plugged in to a pair of power speakers. You can also plug it into a stereo system as well. And once that’s done, you could hit play on the bass station and it’s wirelessly transmitting that music from the bass station to the receiver. And again, this can be up to – they say about 990 feet. Obviously, that’ll depend on how many floors and walls you have in the way. I guess, a couple of downsides, the remote control that comes with it only works up to about 30 feet away from the bass station. So, as you can imagine, if you started hooking up additional receivers throughout the house, you have to be pretty near the bass station to get the music going. Also, when you compare to some of the other digital music multi room hardware devices out there, once you start factoring in the bass stations, the iPod, it starts getting up there. This particular combo here without the iPod goes between I think around 300 to 350 bucks, each additional receiver is about $150. So overall as far as simplicity, I give this an A. It’s so simple to get up and going in. You know, it’s probably I got a little unit if you wanted to take it to party room, into work and get something setup quickly. If you wanted a little more flexibility and also the ability to see what songs are playing from the remote, there’s some great systems that I’d mentioned, Sono so the Logitech Squeezebox. I hope that answers your question Geoff. And don’t forget if you have a question, you can email us at