How to Develop a Writing Voice in Newspaper Reporting
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In his 2011 interview, education reporter Yoav Gonen explains that he is looking for longer form writing exercises to complement his short form style at the New York Post. He frames his writing and writing aspiration by thinking how it compares and contrasts with the styles of Ernest Hemingway and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Yoav Gonen is the education reporter for the New York Post newspaper in New York City. He earned a Master of Journalism degree from New York University.


Erik Michielsen: How are you developing your voice as a writer? Yoav Gonen: Well, I'd say that's something that's challenging and that I only kind of recently dawned on as an issue for me because we have somewhat limited format to convey out a voice, I suppose. There's a certain writing style that we write in at a tabloid and there's also a certain space constrictions. And I don't know how much flexibility there is in that. I don't know that I've tested the limits fully and maybe that's something I should explore, but one of the things that I'd like to do is kind of explore my style in a different format, online, just kind of longer form magazine style pieces. So, it's something I realize that I haven't been paying enough attention to and now I'm kind of conscious of trying to find ways to change that and to kind of expand my voice. Erik Michielsen: That means just writing a longer form pieces? Yoav Gonen: Well, and also a different style, I mean, we tend to do kind of a simple writing definitely more short sentences, as opposed to flowery. So, I would say it was more of a like a Hemingway style as opposed to a Gabriel Garcia Marquez. And for me personally, I've always liked the writers who, you know, they write the sentences that seem like a run-ons but they're crafted so beautifully that you kind of get lost in them, so I don't – I definitely don't get that opportunity to do that much and I've only recently been feeling that absence.