How To Develop A Budget
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In this video, Mr. Barnett reviews some important aspects on managing your money in college, like how to develop a budget


Host: I’ve never developed a budget before. How do I do that? Brad Barnett: Now, the first thing is don t delay. Learn how to do a budget immediately. It's one of the keys to get into the college with as little debt as possible and in short what you really want to do it is find out what s your income, what are your expenses going to be and make sure that your expenses aren’t more than your income. If you need help talk to your parents, if they have any experience, say, Mom and Dad, please sit down and help me learn how to do a budget. If they can t help you then may be your school counselor can help you, maybe your financial aid office can help you or hopefully you got a college that has some sort of financial literacy program or instructor, department and they can help you as well. You might also find that your parents use financial planner or advisor or consultant for their own personal investments, often times those guys can sit down and help you in the budget process as well. So, don t delay. Learn how to do this immediately and you will find that the college will be probably be more affordable than you think.