How to Determine Values Regarding Education Religion and Raising Children
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Learn how to determine values regarding education religion and raising children in this video with relationship expert Gloria MacDonald.


Host: How should we determine our values regarding education, religion and raising children? Gloria MacDonald: So I know I have given you a very long list here but I think each one of these things is important and I think this one is really critical. If you are considering having children together you really need to think about the impact of the differences between your races or in your cultures on raising your children and you need to make some decisions ahead of time on how you will raise your children. What holidays will you celebrate? What religion will they be raised with if any religion. Whose family are you going to spend time with? How will you raise the children? What are your values around education and what are your values around religion? Does one partner think it's really, really important for the children to go to college and university and maybe even get a graduate degree? Does the other person feel like what I have made it just fine in life without all that education and that's a waste of time and money. It's really important that you understand where each of you are on all of these things around raising children, before you bring an innocent child into the world and then start to fight and argue over all these things and create all kinds of tension for that child's life.