How to Design a Kids Party
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Learn how to design a complete kids party and which supplies you'll need for the perfect one.


Alexandra Angle: I always enjoy coming back to Maine, because that is one of my favorite places in the world. There is no better time to be here than in the summer. Ariana Gregg: Now, that we have two kids under the age of two. I haven't really been able to get the time to get together to pull off a gathering. So, my sister and brother-in-law are just great at it. When they came into town that I take advantage of their good graces. This is Star Child. Alexandra Angle: Good store. Ariana Gregg: Yeah, it's one of my favorites. Alexandra Angle: Addy and I had a great time shopping. We were shopping for kids toys, some fun games for them to play. Also, we got a few prizes for them, because we thought that would be fun for the smaller kids in particular. We also got a bunch of crayons and stuff for them to play with on the art table. Ariana Gregg: These are called little clay. Alexandra Angle: Okay. Ariana Gregg: Great for the art table. Alexandra Angle: Yeah, let's get a few of those. Ariana Gregg: And then, we went to my store, G.F. MacGregor. Alexandra Angle: Oh! The store looks amazing. Ariana Gregg: Thanks. Alexandra Angle: Look at all these colors. Ariana Gregg: We are able to flush out some things that I didn't have, some linen, napkins. Alexandra Angle: Did you have these had wonderful enamel plates, which are perfect for the children, because they look like all New England China, but they are indestructible. So, do we need eights. Ariana Gregg: I think, eight. Eight is right, eight plates. Let me take a bag. Alexandra Angle: Oh! And the kids need a kiddy ice bucket, so this will work. Ariana Gregg: Yes, perfect. James Gregg: Eliot was really helpful with solving some of the problems in the backyard. Because he is just look around what's there. Put these in shades. Eliot Angle: Yeah, shades are great place I think. Right around here. James Gregg: I am not sure Sydney is going to let us have this spot here. Eliot Angle: We are going to get some pillows, put these up. James had a fun old dinghy which is a row boat, and instead of moving it, we though it would be a great idea to just make it into a little kiddy table. James Gregg: We are able to make use of things already here, rather than going out and buying all sorts of new things or worrying about what we didn't have. Eliot Angle: We thought it would be a good idea to kind of put some simple games that even small children can play. Do miniature versions of them and Croquet is something that we love to do. So, we did a small scale down version of Croquet. You want this. Male speaker: Yeah. Eliot Angle: Okay, you have to hit the ball with it. James Gregg: Looking good, Eliot. Eliot Angle: Yeah, one more and we are all set. James Gregg: Had a really fun that with ring toss game. Throw that over. Yeah, that's right. Female Speaker: To help the kids buying the Croquet wickets, balloons are tied to the tops. Ariana Gregg: I don't think it's possible to have a party when you have little kids and two full jobs and to be so relax setting it up. James Gregg: Yes, it's because we sat down and we really thought through all the different things that we needed to do. So, it was really straightforward, we have one thing to the next, and it all came together very well.