How to Delete Recent History in Windows
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Tech advice and tips: in this video, you will learn how to delete the recent history in Windows.


Welcome to PC Wiz Kid’s Tech Talk, today I wanted to show you a quick shortcut on how to delete your recent history so not the files themselves but what you’ve recently worked on. So, to get into the recent folder right now you have to go into your c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Recent if your user ID is not administrator then you just replace that with the user ID. But the point here is you can create this little shortcut that when you double click on it, it will go to that folder that default system folder that contains the history on what you recently work on and to leave everything in it. So, copy and paste this four lines of quote here into notepad and then just save it as anything you want just save it as a filename but has to end with the .js extension okay that’s the key. So, I called it here DeleteRecentlyItems .js alright so look for the info here, attached with this video so you can cut and paste the information. I’m going to do a quick task here, I create a text file somewhere it saves that in history but I created this text file there it is in the recent history it shows that I created this new text file. Now I want to flash that from history I double click on that and then I flip over back to the folder and it’s gone from the history right. That’s what the point of this is flashing clear away what you recently work on, not the files it doesn’t delete the files it just knows to go into the system default area that contains the recent history information and delete everything that’s in there. Okay that’s the point of this script, okay it saves, easy to use and hopefully you enjoyed it. Thank you for watching.