How to Decorate your Living Room Table
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Watch this video by The Win Online and hear advice on how to decorate your living room table.


How to Decorate your Living Room Table Host: I wish that you have had a decorator’s. Male: No, I would have never lived for that. You know if I had wishes that wouldn’t be the go-to, no. No, a million dollars and have a million more whishes and have a decorators eye doesn’t come to mind but you have a decorators eye, don’t you. Host: No. Male: You said you do? Host: No, no, no. That’s what good girl friends are for. I wish I had and that would be when I one of three wishes that I would ask for if Jenny came knocking at my door. Yes so it really comes to the art of a tablescape because the tablescape that entrance table we all have in our living room, maybe it’s right in your entrance way, it’s all from the first furniture people see when they come into your home and it’s a small space but it’s a tough space to decorate. You don’t want it to be to crowded or to scattered so if home dec doesn’t come naturally for you Angela Ingo is here with 6 rules to follow when decorating the small space and you say this is a trouble spot for a lot of people. Angela: Well a lot of people tend to just kind of put what they’ve got a lot of people have frames, pictures they like and they kind of just line the table and sometimes they put al little knick knacker too and their just not quite sure how to do it. Host: It’s just set out, it’s just spread out, right. Angela: It’s just there. They need things on the table. There’s things they like, but a little tough trying to figure out what to do. Host: Okay, you’re going to help us tackle that tough space with 6 rules to follow and the first one on your list is to include an item of personal meaning. Do pictures count as that? Angela: Yes they do. Host: Okay. Angela: So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take a few of these things away and bring on a few things that are going to help us be able to make the table look better. Host: Alright. Angela: So I want to go ahead and keep one of these framed photos. Host: That will become your personal item. Angela: That is the personal item. Host: Okay, the rest of it is going. Angela: We’re going to take the rest of these away. Host: Okay. Angela: So you have the personal item and it can be Host: Let me ask you this Angela can there be too many personal items on a table and can it be overwhelming in the letter. Angela: Yeah there can be too many. Host: That’s what we have right here. Angela: We had a lot but we didn’t have a few other important elements. Host: Okay. Angela: So we got the personal item. Host: And we can interchange that and we can do that as we pull through other things. Angela: I mean we could… Host: You can mix it out. Angela: You can also do maybe this as a personal item that has some great meaning to and you want to use that one instead. Host: Okay. Angela: We’ll try that in just a minute. Host: Okay. Angela: Next we want to add something else. Host: An element of nature you say comes next. Angela: Yes. Host: For you the outside in, you’re really good at this. Angela: Yes and it can be anything of nature and it doesn’t have to actually have to be real. It’s okay these aren’t real. Artificial are okay. It works, it works. Host: Okay, okay. Angela: So you want to have an element of nature. Now it can be a vase of real flowers you’ve pictured outside or some that you’ve brought home from the store. It can just be something that’s easy. You don’t have to water, you don’t have to take care of it. There it is. Host: Alright. Angela: Okay so we put the element of nature. Host: Yes. Angela: Personal item. Host: And next you say comes good light. Angela: Good light. Host: What does this add to really the whole ambience and not only the table but the space that you are working around? Angela: It just creates a warm cozy feeling. Lighting, creates life. It just helps you feel like you’ve got some space. Now I want to see if I can do this right. Although we haven’t got that yet, I want to put this here, this here, and I want to put this over here. Host: It’s hard to decorate the table from that? Angela: It isn’t, now you can’t quite see what you’re doing. There we go. Host: It’s looking good, it’s looking good. So the lighting brings in a warm element. It brings in some life to the space so it’s great to put them on a table. Host: I get caught up like I mention with the height that’s always a trouble spot for me because you’ve got a towel lamp, medium vase, smaller picture how do you arrange that so it’s all very pleasing to the eye? Angela: Well sometimes it just works out nice so you got 3 things that are pretty good height but something you can add that makes such a difference, books. I love adding books whenever it has books lying around. Host: And everybody has books. Angela: And if you do have a lamp that’s lower and you want it to be a little higher so it’s going to be higher than your natural element, books underneath. We’ll give it that list Host: Yeah. Angela: Or if you want to trade and you better do it this way that works as well. Host: Okay. Angela: So you can use your natural element there. And I imagine a little dent a little bit of a play in terms of arranging this what looks good and feels good to you. Host: Yeah. Angela: And what is so fun about this is relax and just have fun with this. There’s no like it has to be just like this so it has to be just like that. Host: Right. Angela: You can relax and just play around, so say for example you don’t really want the picture but maybe you want the clock so you try the clock. Host: Okay. Angela: And say oh how does that feel? And then you just play around with it. Host: Okay you see what works. You also say good rule of thumb when it comes to decorating space is to group in odd numbers. Angela: Yes, odd numbers really are more pleasing to the eye so you’ve got different heights going on. Host: Right. Angela: You’re doing three’s. Sometimes you can just do fives kind of depending on the size of your table, what you have going on. I brought a couple of just little candles, this is just to give you a little more if you wanted to add you know 5, there you go. Host: To have that odd number. Angela: And you just play with it. Host: Okay. Angela: You just kind of play and see what feels good and what’s you know what you like. Host: And worth the effort right? Angela: Worth the time because that’s a cozy space right when you walk the door is going to make a big difference in the overall feel of your home. And you can do this on end tables, you can do this on sofa tables, you can do this on. You know there’s various tables throughout your home that are accessory tables that need a little something and so you just kind of pull and it doesn’t always have to be a lamp, you can also use a candle for that warmth for that light. Host: Sure because there’s going to be spaces that you don’t have a chord to plug in to the outlet so. Angela: We have a couple of examples that you want to show us of end tables gone good. Host: I guess we could call it. So if you look over here a couple of different styles and like you said different tables in the home that can really add a difference. We have those pictures, this one really warm. Angela: Yes and what happens with this. They have a nice little sculpture that they really like. It pulls in. It was too short to be by itself so on top of the books. Host: Okay another example to take a peek at that light does make such a difference and again there’s that warmth from that lamp. Angela: Yes, so the light is on, those are some flowers picked from the yard along with clock and works. Host: Okay another example, I think we have here. Oh a great element of nature that really drives’s your eye to that point to that floral arrangements. Angela: And this had a couple of books added to the table. Often books can be that element that just makes it feel you know good and it’s a personal item. Host: You like the books? Angela: I do. Host: It doesn’t make a difference though everybody has them. You think about a texture, color, height it does all of that. Angela: It does all of kinds of things. Host: To your arrangement. Angela: And almost everyone has got books. Host: Angela thank you so much great tips to tackle that tough spot those decorating tables, for more great ideas and inspiration visit Angela’s blog really there’s some great ideas there. Imagine there’s a link for you on this website after the show and coming up next a taste of Italy, how to grow fresh Mediterranean flavors from your very own garden. We’ll be right back.