How to Deal with Children Who Bite
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Learn how to deal with children who bite. The Go-To Mom gives advice on how to understand why kids bite.


Kids who bite. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: Biting is one of the most serious and difficult behaviors to deal within young children. Children can break skin, when they bite and cause an infection. So you need to see the biting behavior as very serious and intervene immediately. Biting is common among toddlers and can happen for many reasons. Sometimes toddlers have pent up energy or they are filled with excitement and they choose biting as a way to express it. Also, it could be that they are teething and biting feels good, or they may like the strong reaction they get. Most often a child is frustrated and doesn't know what else to do. For example, they maybe involved in an activity that maybe too difficult for them, or there maybe too many children present, or the child maybe angry because someone tried to take a toy away. Because the child has not yet learned appropriate words or actions to express his frustration, he resorts to biting. There are many things you can do to eliminate the biting. Provide simpler toys and activities for the child. Provide more than one toy, so there is less fighting. Teach the child to say, "no", if another child is doing something he doesn't like. If the child is excited when they bite, say "only hugs, no biting." Stay very close to the child to monitor things. Especially, in situations where you think biting is likely to occur. If the child does bite, immediately remove the child from the others. Attend to the victim first, amend, hug, and kiss. Explain to the biter that biting hurts other and it's not okay. Continue to say, "mama helps, get me next time, mama helps." Continue to encourage children to act appropriately.