How to Date Your Husband
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Tips from The Go-To Mom on how to date your husband.


Dating Your Husband You dated your boyfriend, you got married, you had kids. Now you are settled down with a family life. When was the last time you went on a date. Can't answer that one, can you? It's easy to fall into the family trap where the kids are number one and most of your energy is directed at taking care of your children and keeping family harmony. Did you know that the best family harmony comes from when the mother and father still share a fondness one and other. The way they did when they were first dating. Yes, it takes time, effort and a little bit of planning to rekindle the old spark. Mom and dad need to take time away from the kids to reconnect. At first, it may feel like you are just going through the motions, but once you get out and realize you are on a real date again. You will truly have a wonderful time. Here are some tips on how to jump start a date night. Hire a sitter, friend or family member to watch the kids. Prepare your children in advance that mummy and daddy will be going out because all moms and dads need time alone. Don't you see a movie where you both sit silently in the dark. Go to a fun dinner and pamper yourself. Bring a list of things you have been wanting to talk about but never have time for. Try to set a regular date night at least once a month. So what are you waiting for pick up the phone make reservations because a happy couple makes, happy parents.