How to Date a Man Who Has Kids
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"How do I handle a guy with two kids?" featuring Love and Dating Expert Dr. Diana Kirschner.


Hi, this is Dr. Diana Kirschner with Ask Your Tango answering your dating and relationship questions. Today’s question is from cupidsfool, how do I handle being with someone who has two kids? I'm 24, he's 29, and he has an 8 year old cons and a 4 year old daughter. Lately, I've been feeling like I will never be his number one priority because his kids are his number one. Am I being too jealous because I want him all to myself? Being with someone who has kids, you have an unbelievable opportunity to create a whole new level of love with this person. If you can enjoy the children and really come to nurture them and play with them and give them things and kind of love them up, what happens is that the biological parent experience that as you loving him up. His kind of identified with those kids, so when you're really playing or you brought them this really cool new game and you're all playing Guitar Hero, whatever you're playing, he's experiencing it as him being love up. And then he’ll turn around and want to be good to you and do special things with you, you also have to ask for your special time when you're with someone who has kids. Where you say, look I need to go in special dates with you and have time alone where I am getting your undivided attention. Tell him what it is that you really need to feel special. Tell him about it in a loving positive way. This is Dr. Diana Kirschner with Got a question you want answered? Go to