How to Date a Guy at Work
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Featuring America's Love Experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal. Listen to their advice on dating someone from work.


Matt: Hey, everybody. Matt and Tamsen here with ask Your Tango answering your love questions. Tamsen: Alright, today’s question should I start a relationship with a guy at work? There’s guy at work that I have amazing chemistry with. We laugh and we get each other. We talk about it and he’s interested and we don’t want wreck what we have. Matt: How many guys are in your city? Why does he have to be guy at work? I know that you don’t get out a lot. I know that there are not a lot of guys like this guy. But you work with him, hello. Tamsen: This could be really sticky. Matt: Of course, it’s sticky. I mean seriously, think about it not working. You slept with him. You spend a lot of time with him and you have to come into work everyday and sit next to him in a cubicle. Tamsen: I’m going to tell you like I’ve been down this road before and I just think that it can be tough and the guy I did like sat in the coffee pot. So I had to walk with a coffee pot everyday and. Matt: He sat by in the kitchen. He’s a big guy. Tamsen: Please don’t let him see me, he’s saw me. So it’s so difficult that you have to be so tensed if you can not all do that. You can have flirting relationship, have a flirting relationship and go find somebody outside work to be with. Matt: Did you check your employee handbook and that might not be even allowed. Tamsen: You might not be allowed hopefully, so that will solve everything. Matt: And what happens if he is your boss. I mean that’s really awkward, your co-workers will hate you. His superiors will give him more time. That’s it. Tamsen: And if it doesn’t work out he could fire you. Matt: And there’s another guy out there. So try not to fantasize about him. I don’t know. Tamsen: And flirt. Matt: Yes. Tamsen: This is Matt and Tamsen with Matt: Got a question you like answered? Tamsen: Visit