How to Dance Latin Music
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Judy teaches us to have our own style with latin music.


Hi everyone, I am Judy and welcome to energy blast. Today we are going to have a great time exercising so what I want you to do is get up off that couch, and join us. Move into the beat. You can feel that Latin beat, I love it Latin is all about adding your own style and this move today is really easy so let us just start with a march. You are on the spot and you are moving our hips, remember Latin is all about hips. Now, we are going to add shoulders, if you watch all the kids, we are going to have our style, I am going to be doing circles. Just might be moving the shoulders up and down. You do whatever feels great. Good. Remember exercising makes you feel great. If you exercise everyday, you are going to get rid of stress from school, from friends, wherever you are getting it from. So try and do it everyday, let us turn the circle you guys, moving around the circle. Remember exercise means life is great. Try moving the other way if you wan, you got it. Loving Latin, we will see you soon you guys.