How to Crochet a Puff Stitch Part 5/5
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Mikey shows you how to crochet a puff stitch to make soft and cheap baby blankets part 5/5.


Okay. So, what we want to do now, just like we did before, we want to chain up five. So, every time you’re doing a rotation, no matter how big you make this thing, you’re always going to chain up five ones, you get pass this slip stitch. [Demonstration] Now, what you’re going to do now, you know how we came into the center point of this connecting right here. We’re no longer going to do that. You’re going to wrap your needle around and you see how the two puffs are here and then there’s two right in the middle. You want to go directly into the very middle, so right into there like that. So, just pull through two and two. Okay. So, what you want to do is now you’re actually on a corner, so you’re only doing the one side of it. So, you’re going to wrap your material around and go into the next biggest hole and put puffs stitch of five in there. So basically, you’re looking for six loops to be left on your hook, so there you go. Plan through all six. [Demonstration] Okay. Now, you’re jumping to the next, so you can see where the next corner is. You see how the two are right there. Well, the two are over there as well. So, that is the very corner. So now, you’re going to continue to jump across, putting puff stitches all the way along the edge until you get to a corner because the rotation, we’ve established turning it from a square or circle to a square. [Demonstration] Okay. So, this is the hole before corners. So, you’re going to use that one as well for puff stitches of five. [Demonstration] Now, we’re going to do a corner, so you’re going to wrap the middle around and you see if you pull it apart, you’ll see the two puffs here, the singles there. You know it is right in the center, so just wrapping your needle around. Go right into the center point, applying it through. Pull through two and two and now, let’s chain to one and two and let’s go back into the same point. [Demonstration] So basically, it just how this is kind of like separating. It’s creating at there as well and that’s exactly what you want. So now, we’ve just attached there so let’s chain to one and two. And we want to put the next puff in the next available space which is right there. We’ll puff at five. [Demonstration] Okay. So now, you get six on their pulled through. Okay, just leap in the next space and put a little puff in there. Once you’ve got your pattern established, what you do is now just a matter of just keep going around this thing now until your at the size that you want. [Demonstration] Okay, wrapping your needle around, going through, always remember to hold on your needle when you need to until you create the puffs and I think you’re laughing. Okay, I got six on there pulled through, all six. [Demonstration] And now, you’re officially on a corner, so just wrap your needle around. See and you can tell you’re in a corner just because there’s no puff left. So, wrap your needle around, just go right into the center point of that corner. Pointing it through two and two and now, let’s chain to one and two. And going into that same hole, you see that? Going to the same one to create to kind of like upside down or to be a shape that you need, so in order to finish the corner off, you need to chain two again and then jump to the next available space for the next puff. [Demonstration] And this is really cheap wool that I am working with right now but these puffs make this blanket feel—or this feel really, really soft. So, it’s a really cheap way to make a soft blanket with cheap wool, without having to buy the special baby wool. But I am sure moms might appreciate the baby wool but if you can’t afford it, this patterning is lovely. Okay, so you got six plan through. [Demonstration] So carefully, I’m just—take me in all back in all six, pulling it out. Let’s try again. Pull it through and now on a corner, so I just wrap your needle around, go right into the corner section. Plan through two and two and now change chain to one and two going into the same hole. Plan through two and two and then finish off with chain two. And now, the puff goes into the next available stitch or the next available hole. And we are almost all away around again. [Demonstration] And now, jump to the next hole for the next puff or should I say puff. I plan through all six. And then putting another puff in here and this will be the final puff before we slip stitch it and make this whole rotation. Because see, you got your six pulling up through. Okay. [Demonstration] And now, you can tell like—see how this is standing out like it is. You’re just going to look at it and see where it’s starting to make that turn. That is exactly where you want to slip stitch. And you have to do that. You’ll do that every time. Okay. So, you want to catch it right in actual stitch itself in order for it—because if you catch it, if you like go right into the center point like this, it’s going to slide and it’s not going to define that corner, so you need to catch it so that there’s strings on both sides of your hook, so that it locks it into that position. So, point them it through and through. And so, this is the puff stitch. And so both sides to the side look really nice and yeah, so I would do that for a baby’s blanket. So, there you go.