How to Crochet a Hunnie Pot Hat for Preemies Part 9/11
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Follow this step by step crochet tutorial to create a hunnie pot hat for a prematurely born baby or a large doll part 9/11.


Now, I'm doing a permanent fold in the material. If you do not want to fold, ignore what I'm about to tell you but you still want to do this anyway. But without the techniques that I'm about to show you, we’re going to do now single crochet for the remainder of this project and what we want to do is that we want to build ourselves to create this fold. We have to work in the front loops. Remember what I told you in the very beginning is that there’s two lines that make a stitch. And so we’ve been using the back loops to create the lines. But now, we want to do it the front loop to make the material naturally want to fold out. So, what we’re just going to do is go into the front loop only leaving the back behind. Grab in the material and single crocheting it, so just the front loop only pulling up through and we’re single crocheting all the way around. And you can already see. I can already see that, that fold is already starting to take place. You can see that the material is pulling back out of the way and because you are going in the single, you’re going in the front loop only. So, we’re just going to single crochet all the way around. This is row number eight. We are only three lines after this way. We are only three lines to completion. This project is probably less than an hour. I've said one hour in the pattern but I think it’s less than one hour to be honest with you. Penny, how many destructions you got if you ever make separate in the middle of it, whatever. So, this will be the Preemie version of this Hunnie Pot style hat. We’re going to do another tutorial of the baby size, of the newborn baby size. And there's already a toddlers size in my pattern. So, there’s already an adult size in the pattern as well. The adult’s size is called the Hunnie Pot Hats. And basically what it is is if you go into the tutorial for the adults, for the TV delights hat and it’s the same thing. And what we’ve done is that again we’ve just altered it and change it to match ourselves. And I used eyelash at the very end of the project for the brim to create a really fancy brim. So, at the very end of this line here, we’re going to want to slip stitch again, so we’re coming around to that, okay. So, we’re going to want to slip stitch, so just stick in your needle in the next one. And now, I'm sticking it in both loops just pulling it through and through. We’re no longer going to be worrying about back or front loops at this point. And now, the next three lines are going to be identical. So, I'm just going to start of and then tell you to continue along and then I'll meet you back at the very end of the project where we’ll do the tie off.