How to Crochet a Hunnie Pot Hat for Preemies Part 8/11
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Follow this step by step crochet tutorial to create a hunnie pot hat for a prematurely born baby or a large doll part 8/11.


Okay, so I’ve worked on my one, two, three, four, five up into six and what I’ve now done is I want before that actual crochet marker. And what I need you to do now is that it was just easier to tell you do all six and what we’re going to do is count back, it’s either three. We’re going to take that material out to the third. And what we want to do now is that we want to call slip stitch and continue to slip stitch into the actual back loops. So, just stick your needle in, pulling it through to that one and that one. And this is how we’re bringing all that spiraling effect because you don’t see any slip stitching at all, right like now, like this was one was slip stitched. And you can see a definite line but this way that I’ve showed you in the actual tutorial on my website. What we’re going to do is that we’re just going to bring this equal by slip stitching the last ones. Okay. So, it muscles slip stitch right into the crochet marker and that is what we’re going to do. Now, what we want to do at this point is if you want to change the color, this is where you’re going to do it and we don’t want to do it. You see why we did that. Be really careful to look at the lines. It falls on the lines. You’re going to see that it’s built up on the one side. So, this is where you want to change the color and I'm going to take a nice light purple. Don’t be scared. I've got my eyelash on here. If you want to try eyelash on, it’s really challenging but it looks really a lot more cooler. But unfortunately, I can’t train you with the tutorial because people get confused because they can’t see your stitches. And I don’t recommend that people, our newbie, our crotchetier and use the eyelash on it, just it very difficult because you have nowhere to go. So, let’s do our first slipknot, okay. So, wrapping around your finger twice and back over the forward and now the back up and what we want to do is grab that and let’s tighten it and pull it through, okay. And now, we want to take this pink and we just want to trim that maybe about an inch and a half long, okay. So, we’re going to trim that, so the pink is done. We’re moving onto the light purple. And what we want to do now is that we want to continue to half double crochet again. But now that we have slip stitched our way in the last, we need to build up because we’re going to make this completely solid all the way round. We’re going to be slip stitching for the rest of this project. So, let’s chain up two, so one and two. And then going into the very next stitch, this, you’ll never see because the brim is going to cover it when it folds up. So, what we want to do is—within the back loops to keep everything equal. So, half double crochet into the very next back loops stitch and now let’s move these stragglers over top of the needle, okay. Grabbing the material and pulling it through and then pull through all three. And we’ve just successfully, I’ve just changed the color. So, we’re going to leave those stragglers on top of our needle as we go along until the stragglers run out or until you think you have enough and you can just want to trim out the x there because some people leave too much. So, we’re just going to go work our way all the way around this round. This is number seven, okay. So, we’ve just lost the purple to purple straggler done. So, I’ve grabbed your scissors and cut the pink. There’s no reason why we should be dragging that any further as well. So, I'm cutting the pink off. And now, let’s go all the way around using this purple, half double crochet into the back loops. So when we get, so for those that want to do that and don’t need to follow along, when you get to the end, if you’re familiar with slip stitching, we’re going to slip stitch with the very beginning of this purple and it will make the round solid. So, we’re no longer doing the spiraling effect. So, every time we want to move up a layer. We want to slip stitch on the last layer and then build up by chaining two. In the next few stitches, actually this is the last time we’re going to be doing a half double crochet. We’re going to be doing a single crochet going forward. And the reason for doing a color change prior to doing the actual fold is that if you if you change the color too late, what’s going to happen? Do you see how the black is underneath the rim? If that was—lying as red, you would see a red line all the way along the bottom of this hat. And trust me it does not look good. I tried to deny it with myself but frankly it doesn’t look good. So, what we want to do is we want to establish the brim color prior to the fold being sewn or crocheted in so that that brim looks fantastic. It looks uninterrupted with color and you can change the colors at any point in this project wherever you want to. If you we’re changing colors in the top honey cone area, I’d recommend that you do not follow what I just showed you going in the spiral. I recommend that you do the actual slip stitching effect which is this up here. But it will keep all your lines consistent in the same because what’s going to happen is that if you use the spiraling effect and you’re changing color, you’re going to see that the lines or the color at the back of the hat do not match. And you know maybe your kids in a stroller. Actually, I don’t think they’d be in a stroller out of Premium Edge but you would know its there and you know that you’d be conscious of it. Well, coming to the end of this round and as I said in the very beginning, what we’re going to do is we’re going to slip stitch the purples together. Okay. So, let’s slip stitch, so I'm reaching over to the second one up over here. You can see that to the second and pulling it through and through. So now the purples, see how it’s all one line, that is what we just did. So now, the next round we’re going to do is to fold.