How to Crochet a Hunnie Pot Hat for Preemies Part 7/11
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Follow this step by step crochet tutorial to create a hunnie pot hat for a prematurely born baby or a large doll part 7/11.


Okay now, on a piece of paper, I strongly recommend that you write one to six on the one side and then seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 on the other. So, what we need to do at this point is that we are stopping to growing the hat. The hat is no longer going to get any bigger. And you’re looking at it and say, “Well, you know what, there is a size difference between the two.” And the reason for it is that eventhough we are not expanding the hat anymore, it’s going to take the next two browns for it to make the actual final turn to the actual head shape. A lot of people grow the hat too big and then decide to bring down the edges. And I'm telling you it’s a big mistake to do that at this point. So, what we’re going to do is the next six stitch, our next six rolls that we’re going to do, we’re going to actually just make it go round the same. So, we’re just going to put one half double crochet into every stitch you go. So, I recommend then you don’t need to watch me do six rounds, so just for the next six times around, just do it the same just 1/2 double crochet in each and as you pass that crochet marker count it as one, okay. And so then when you get to the final of number six, I'll pick a pack you there and the number seven. What we’re going to do is the color change and then number eight then will be folding of the brim to create a permanent fold. And then nine, 10, 11 will be the final of the actual brim of the color change. So to continue with that, so go through one to six and I'll meet you back at number seven.