How to Crochet a Dish Cloth Part 8/9
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Follow this step by step crochet tutorial to create a dish cloth that our crochet expert learned from a girls guide girl part 8/9.


Okay, so we’re just going to continue along doing our border. And this is the very starting line. So what I'm just doing is I'm just looping around instead of going in a piece and only grabbing one. I'm actually going right into the hole itself in between the trebles, they call those the trebles. Okay, we’re doing a single stitch all the way around. Now, do you remember that loose piece here that we have on the edge this is what we want to do with that, so were going to stretch it out. Okay, I got to go a couple of more before I actually run into them because we don’t want that loose piece hanging over here. So let me go a couple of more and get little closer to it. Okay, so what we want to do is we want to lie that lay it on the line just like you see there. So what I'm going to grab underneath, I'm going to make sure that it’s lying on top. Okay, so pull that on top on the middle, so it’s on top there, okay. And what we want to do is that we want a way go to grab this pieces it’s going to wrap around that piece and trap it in the actual stitch so now at first one in there and now that’s going to stay on top there so we’re just going to stick our needle in grab our material and continue along and it’s graphing that loose string the whole time so that loose string is now trap within the stitches. Isn’t that great, saves from having really ugly knots. Okay, we’re on the edge again and we’re coming in to the home stretch here. So this is the corner so what we got to do again that you're remember just chain two and going to that exact same hole. And now we're going to go down the side here, remember there’s no stitch to follow so you got to eye it out and just stick the needle in there so that it looks even. Pretty cool, right, just going to stick it in pretty randomly you see how it looks. So I think it might be my experience to see what looks even and no I’m just judging as I go. I almost think that I'm grabbing one in between there and then I'm grabbing a piece of there. And I'm almost out of material. If you're going to imagine at top, right. How to decide or where I'm going to start my boarding because I didn’t think I'd have enough material. So I'm getting pretty close. So I'll stop the video here and I'll show you how to finish this up so there's no loose string hanging off just like we covered it here. We can do the same over here, so just hang on.