How to Crochet a Dish Cloth Part 7/9
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Follow this step by step crochet tutorial to create a dish cloth that our crochet expert learned from a girls guide girl part 7/9.


Okay, so I have got my cloth here and you can see about size that I want and I'm looking at my ball of wool I don’t have very much left so what I'm going to do is I have come to the end and now instead of wanting to another double crochet like you see across I'm going to do single crochet and start my boarder. So we’re going to chain up one and then remember how we always skip the first one. So instead of double like looping around making a double crochet I'm just going to single crochet all the way around. Okay, on this kind of edge it will make too much of a difference but it will give it a final touch to it. So we’re going to single crochet all the way around. So we’re just kind of zip along and remember if you don’t know how to do it my other tutorial will show you how to do single stitching. And it’s pretty simply just stick your needle in the hole makes sure these two strings on top and pulls through. And when we get to the corner instead of coming back we’re going to all the way around so it’s almost like a granny square. And I don’t know if there's enough string to do it that I have left but I'm going to try it anyway because if I'm wrong I'm wrong and if I'm not great. Okay, I'm coming to the edge and you're going to want to pay attention to how I'm doing the corner. [Demonstration] Okay, so I'm in to my last stitch now here and what I'm going to do is that I'm going to just chain two, so one and two going to that exact same stitch. Okay and I created your corner. Okay, so what we want to do is just we’re going to have to eye where the stitches are on the side so just look at it and determine where you think you need to put those singles stitches because it’s not like it’s the top role where everything is defined and the side that it's not so you just kind of just basically eyed out and just kind of space them apart just stick it in anywhere in the side just space them apart that’s equal. [Demonstration] You see that. So I'm just going to spacing it out equal. So look on across making equal. I cannot mess I'm just like sticking it in there anywhere. So making it look like it’s equal. Okay, so we’re on the edge piece again so what we’re going to do is chain two going to the same full. Okay now I'm going to create the corner and now we’re back on the regular top so now we’re on the upside down part of it so we’re just—you see you're actually do have the stitches to work itself into. So this is the easiest side, so it just the two sides that are kind of a little difficult just to I know but I'm sure you'll do a good job. Okay and what I'll do here is I'll stop and I'll continue along and we’ll see you in a little bit.