How to Create a Pizza Pot
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Here’s a great way to introduce children to the joy of gardening, plant a Pizza Pot. This is a summer container full of many of the plants that go into making pizza. If you ask kids to name their favorite food, they'll usually say that it's pizza.


Bonnie Plants, going greener for you. This time of year, I look for every opportunity to plant vegetables and my buddy Marge here helps me with all my vegetable gardening. Do not you Marge? Today, we are planting tomatoes because well, what says summer better than tomatoes. We just start with this large container like this and a plant, the tomato plant in the center, and in this case, I am using a Sweet 100. What I loved about this particular plant is it comes in a p-pot. So, what you do is you just plant the entire plant. Pull the soil all the way up like this and it will take root from the sides. Then what you do is fill herbs around the edge like basil, chives, parsley, anything that you would put on a pizza. It is a really great way to get kids engaged. Now, that brings me to feeding. See the color of this plant? It has really got a good healthy green color too. And you want to maintain that through the entire growing season. What I use is an organic fertilizer, one that is 533 and I sprinkle it just around the edge like this. You want to avoid fertilizers getting on the foliage of plants because they can burn it. Then water this in and I am ready to go. Just think of all the different varieties of tomatoes you can grow this summer in your garden or in containers. From the garden, I am Allen Smith. If you would like more information on this topic or any other gardening topic, just check out my website