How to Create a Night Routine for Children
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Watch tips from the Go-To Mom on how to create an effective night routine for children.


The importance of evening routines. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: The more relaxed your child is, the more likely he will go to bed easily and fall asleep quickly. Lying done before a bed, consisting of the rituals, are soothing and allow children to feel safe, secure and sleepy. Without a routine your child may have difficulties settling down for a good night sleep. Start early, so you have time to get through the entire routine before you tuck him in. Night time routines consist of taking a bath or washing hands and the face, wiping gums or brushing teeth, a diaper change and getting on in PJs. Starting the night time ritual in the bathroom or in another room and ending up in your child's room. Getting the wiggles out. Children sometimes get bursts of energy right before they go to sleep. So let them get the night time Goofys, jump up and down, or have a giggle-tickle session. Singing or playing a game, like "the big gigantic spider crawled up the daddy's spout", but don't get him too overloaded. Have a good night puppet show. Say good night to things around the house, good night moon, star, monkey. Playing music or turning on the sound machine and each departure with a tag line, "mummy loves you", see you in the morning" or "sweet dreams, we all love you", "nighty night, sleep tight". Routines are essential, but allow room for flexibility. Especially, if your child is sick, teething, or if you have special visitors like grandma and grandpa.