How to Create a Fancy Side Pony Tail
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In this video of TVLesson hairstylist Liz Muller shows you how to create a fancy side ponytail. You can wear this to any event, even a wedding. You don’t need to use an elastic for this style, just roll it tightly at the back and pin to the head with bobb


On behalf of, this is Lizbeth Muller from Liz’s Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip I’m going to show you how to create a fancy side ponytail. You can wear this to any event, even to a wedding actually. So what you’re going to do is you’re not going to use any kind of rubber band or nothing to do holding the hair. You’re going to have to twist that hair at least so slightly and make your hands to the side and pin it gently. I’m going to take my comb, comb this hair over to the side and its going to look that one on the side of the head. Make sure her hair is nice and straight. Her hair is very curly but we roll this ahead of time. If you have straight hair that’s great but curly you have to set it and make it nice and smooth, flat iron it before. put some curls on the hair as you see here, nice soft curls. Take this side and move all the way over. you want to take your finger tips and start to toll your hair in like you’re doing a French roll, grab in this hair also on the side, grabbing it and you take it and that’s the way it looks back here and you’re going to start to pin it real hard. So to use a pin and drag it in with bobby pin, make you push the bobby pin really in. sometimes it doesn’t want to go in there but push them all the way inside like this and underneath it you want to secure it too. So you take your bobby pin and you place them underneath too. Okay hide it, pushing it upward, push it up. Show the hangs. Make sure this is nice and neat, soft and neat. Okay tuck in your hair and lose hairs, soften the stone like this. Spray it a little bit if you want to soften it out, twirl it like this, turn her, make sure that if it’s too sloppy over here because it’s not turned in enough that you tuck in that hair, tuck it in, you can, don’t be afraid to pin it and re pin it if it doesn’t come at the first time. I’m doing it now, just pin it and over and over again and you hang it down and pin it one more time here to tighten it up and pin it tight just to secure it here and this is your side ponytail. On behalf of, this is Lizbeth Muller and thanks for watching.