How to Coach Basketball: Defensive Footwork
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Learn how to demonstrate proper footwork on the basketball court and improve your players' skills.


[Music playing] We go to the second area, the fundamental five which is defense and again, we are going to use lines, we like to use lines to teach basic principles. We are going to put them into a basic defensive position, so I want you to go with your feet a little wider than shoulders with a part. I want you to bend your knees low, shoulders forward, I always want your hands out to the side. The reason we prefer the hands to be out to the side is so that you do not have to be reaching in and you also will cover more area for passing range, so we would like to teach hands out to the side at all times. Now, from this position with all our players in a group on a whistle I am going to work on basic footwork, and on our footwork what I want you to do is when you go in this direction I want you to use this leg to be explosive and push off, come back with a short step. Everybody take one step this way, push off, come back with the short step, push off, come back with a short step. Keep your head low, push off, come back with the short step. Push off, quick, push off, quick, push off, quick. Let us try to go back this way now. Push off, quick, short step back, keep your head down, you should stay low, stay low, one more step. Now, let us try and be a little bit quicker, we are going half speed this time. I want you to stay low at all times. What you never want to do is allow your heels to come together so you bounce up and then you come down because you will be off balanced. Let us try to go half speed and we will go this way, Keep going. Let us go to the other way, push off and come back. Go to the other way, push off and come back, stay low, go the other way. Now, with everybody go over here to the sideline, walk over, everybody steps on the sideline, let us face you this way, come all the way down to the base, be at least arms length way from the person in front of you so you do not run into each other. Now, what you are going to do is you are going to slide from the side line all the way over to the foul line and you are going to come back this way at one time. Everybody understand? I want you to go half speed the first time, half speed the first time, push off step back, stay down, stay level, come back, stop at the side line. That is pretty good. Let us go a half speed one more time. Keep your head level, push off step back, push off step back, go back the other way, stop. Now let us try to go full speed, we will go two repetitions, over and back and we will stop on this side. Think quick, be quick, stay low, stay low. Make sure that you slide your feet and that you do not turn and run. Slide your feet, let us try one more time. Slide, stay low, good job.