How to Coach Basketball: 3-Step Lay-Up
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Learn how to move your players back below the foul lines and practice the 3-step lay-up on the basketball court. Use 1 dribble in this drill.


[Music playing] Once we get our players to get comfortable and master the one step lay-up from both sides, we are going to move them back just below the foul lines and I am going to put them on the hash marks. The reason I like them on the hash marks is I believe they would be comfortable in using every hash mark as they step. For every step they need to take in a lay up process. From the right side, we are going to put the ball in our shoulder pad, we are going to take one dribble on this drill, we are going to go forward with the left foot. [Music playing] Good, alternate sides. This time we are going to forward with the right foot. And what you will notice is every hash mark represents a step. Left foot one dribble, right foot one dribble. Players will be able to recognize left foot one dribble, players will be able to recognize, go ahead on your own, that the hash marks represent a step that they need to take. It is a very simple thing for them to remember and it just takes repetition to get better at it. Now, the important thing to remember is when you are on the right side, you will always step with your left foot first and when you are on the left side you will always step with your right foot first. Do it again, step with your right foot first, hold up right there. Here is the rule, we would like to teach our players as this when we make a move and we do it incorrectly we want to go back and do it right away again if the foot work is wrong, that is incorrect. We want to do it slower at half speed so we can get it properly. Go half speed, right foot first. [Music playing] Good, left foot, keep going on your own. The traditional thing to do for pre-game warm up is to go all the way back to half court dribbling, to do lay up drills. I think it is more advantageous and fundamentally sound if you can get your players to this drill for a game warm up at the youth league level because now they are working fundamentally on all their steps. [Music playing]