How to Clean for Passover Seder
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Learn how to clean for Passover Seder, and rid your house of any hometz, or leavened bread remains.


Sheilah Kaufman: Hi! I’m Sheilah Kaufman and I’m here to walk you through with traditional Passover seeder. And we’re going to begin by the ritual final cleaning of your house of all is any kind of bread, cookies, cakes, bake goods, anything that would have crams that was made from something that would not made from something that was not made from matzo. Things that you eat all year except to Passover, most people that cleaned there house, there refrigerators, there ovens, there cabinets by now. And the night before there is a final ritual cleaning that is fun for children and it’s done after dark and it’s done with the candle or flashlight and a feather, any kind of feather. And is to make sure that there are no crams left in the home or when you say the blessing that goes along with this that you’re more or less you may have to dissolve yourself of getting rid of everything that you know excess. So, the mother usually put out some cake crams or cookie crams or bread crams in the kitchen or in the counter. And the kids take there feather and there candle and there flashlight and go looking for, and when they find it they take there feather and they have to make sure they swept up all the crams and they a blessing and the next morning the crams are burn. Now, before Passover because people are going to throw away all there food that they have in there freezers or can goods or box goods that might not be for pass over. Every year out to those who are interested or on the mailing lists. It’s a wonderful holiday brochures and the one for Passover in the back has a form, and the form authorizes by Kaplan head of the here in Maryland to sell my entire all of my non-Passover foods for the duration of Passover. And when Passover is over, this form also authorizes him to buy them back for me and everyone else who is still in the form. Now, we’re going to learn how to make the best ever chicken soup.