How to Choose who to Write Your Letters of Recommendation for College
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Letters of recommendation can give an admissions committee an outside perspective of you and help your chances of acceptance if chosen correctly. In this video, one of our senior college consultants helps explain who to pick to write your letters of recommendation, whether you are currently in high school or looking to transfer from one university to another.


Host: Here are few tips given to you by one of our Senior Consultant Sheri who was also the former Associate Director of admissions at Barnard College of Columbia University. Male: Who should I get to write my recommendations? Sheri: For freshman applicants to top schools, letter of recommendation from couches, music teachers, internship supervisors and art instructors are considered supplemental. And may or may not be read. Often students are best served by selecting teachers from core academic classes, 11th and 12th grade Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Language. The number of letters required a difference for freshmen and transfer students. Freshmen typically need one school recommendation, typically from a guy who’s a College Councilor and two recommendations from core academic instructors. Trends for applicants need one letter of recommendation from an Adviser or Dean primarily intended to inform the new school that the applicant is in good standing and not being asked to withdraw or has discipline issues pending and one faculty letter. Most importantly you should always pick people that know you well to write their letters of recommendation. Host: For more information and other helpful resources, log on to or give us a call at 703.242.5885.