How to choose the Right Sized Breast Implant
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Learn how to choose the right sized breast implant from the experts at Prima Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta


The top questions on breast augmentation: How do I choose the right breast implant size? Nothing stirs up more anxiety then selecting breast implant sizes. There are many ways that one might pick the right size implants for themselves. Remember this is individual decision there will be no right or wrong way that's appropriate for all women. One way is to bring in pictures of other women's sizes that you think would look good on yourself. This is somewhat subjective, and leaves some questions unanswered, but it gets everybody thinking on the same page. This is a surgery that you want to get right the first, and only time. There are always be some differences in height, weight and shape of a photo to a patient, but this can be a valuable learning experience and gets communication going both ways. Experience allows a skill plastic surgeon to match-up the size and shape of someone in a photo to your individual anatomic features. It's important to note that one manufactures D-cup bra, they be the same size as another manufactures C-cup bra. Therefore I have all my patients choose ideal breast pictures, either from one of our before and after books or from an educational site such as We use these pictures to guide us in the operating room until we have a match. In most breast augmentation procedures we use the sizing or a trial implant. This allows us to pick a size before we have to open up the implant from the box. This helps me choose the precise implant volume that will match my patient's desires. A photo also helps us determine the projection of the implant chosen. As some woman desire fullness approaching the armpit and others just dislike this look. Ultimately a breast augmentation will only give you a bigger version of yourself. It will not make you look like anybody else. Another option is a try on sizers in the office. This means putting implant in your bra until you get the preferred look. There is usually conversion volume of 15 ccs that needs to added or subtracted to come up with the correct size. The reason for this is that when the implant is placed below the Pectoralis muscle it flattens it out, causing to lose some of its projection. It is important to remember that an implant in itself is just one component that determines breast size. The very same implant placed in three different women of different height, weight, and physique will produce traumatically different size outcomes. This is the reason why we generally discourage patients from choosing a size based on friends telling them what size will be perfect for them. Ultimately I can't guarantee certain cup size. It's much better to try to focus in on the look and not the cup size. And the final analysis choosing the correct implant size requires a conversation with a plastic surgeon about your specific desires, combined and matching that to available implants incisions and your individual anatomy. Please view our other videos on the top ten breast augmentation questions at Thanks.