How to Choose Plants for Your Pond
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With so many great aquatic plants to choose from, it can be hard to decide which plants are right for your pond. Gord Nickel takes you on a tour of different aquatic plants in order to help you choose the best floating plants for your garden.


Male1: Okay I am all yours where do we go from here. Male2: From here, we got most of the hard work out of the way. We got the sitter borrow we got the liner filled with a proper amount water. We purchase a couple of fish before hand and we are slowly acclimating it to the water generally 10 to 15 minutes floating in a container this size. We will adjust the temperature of the new home that they will release. Male1: Okay so what do we have here? Male2: This is one of my favorites. It is an ideal beginner plant. This is umbrella pump. This is tropical. It makes a wonderful indoor plant during the winter months provide it is keep moist or wet if you will seal decorative container works fine. A smaller container place on a winter seal or under a grow light you can bring it back out the following season place it out in your container garden and cyclic it trough year after year. To my other favorites, of course the aquatic iris, you have wide variety of selections. It is one of my hardly recommend for any beginning pond keeper. You get the benefit of nice, healthy upright foliage for pretty much the entire season. They are early to emerge. They are pretty much pest resistance or pest free almost on the occasionally lipid. And you get the added bonus of a bloom usually early part of the summer time and a variety of different colors. Male1: And you got a very good one it looks very. Sort of similar, but I know it is not. Male2: Capitalizing pretty much I guest on the worldwide interest in gaited planting anymore. This is one of my favorites. It is a very good at sweet plant beautiful, what I call it twilight plant in the early morning hours before sunrise or after sunset, plants with this type of variegation generally really stand out and grow. Male1: Now you got a few other plants down by your feet there, I guest those are deoxygenator? Male2 Yes we have got some oxygenating plants. Plants that you are not usually going to see too much off and that will be under the water, but they are absolutely vital for balancing these mini nature ecosystem that we are going to process of creating, Male1: Okay what is this one? Male2: This is parrots feather. Now this plant will be one of the exceptions to deoxygenator and then it will also grow above the surface of the water and sometimes cast cave over the edges of the container softening is a nice edge. Male1: And everybody probably knows this one here. Male2: Yes the wonderful water hyacinth. The floating plant filter, as you can see it got this wonderful root system. That is only going to grow longer and better trough out the season. This plant will compete with any type of allergy that may want to grow in the container. It is very aggressive. We also give your fish some cover and give some cooling effect to the water by blocking sunlight penetration. Male1: Perfect. This is magnificent. Male2: One of my favorite early bloomers is the marsh marigold. Beautiful, yellow, large flower another plant that would do quit well in a container water garden. It will go out bloom fairly quickly as this spring progresses. And that is the beauty of a water garden such as you can rotate plant material in and out have different varieties have a back stock perfect.