How to Choose Organic Baby Clothes
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Discover how to select the best cotton organic baby clothes for your infant. Organic cotton clothing is free from pesticides and other harsh chemicals, making it a healthier choice for your baby.


Hi, I’m Erika with Organic Baby Resource. Today, we’re going to talk about how to select organic baby clothes, specifically organic cotton. We’ll look at the labels, we’ll find out what feature fabrics you have and then we’ll talk about how to recognize whether a company is really eco conscious. So first at the label, what do we wanted to say, 100% organic cotton or in some cases 100% certified organic like this one here. And make sure that the tags say that it all cotton, not blended polyester which happens to be a synthetic fabric and there is no such thing as organic polyester, so don’t be fool. You also don’t want to be misled by marketing terms like organic baby or on natural because they don’t guarantee that the shirt is actually made with organic fabrics, so just read the tags and then you’ll be safe. Another feature to be mindful love are the screens on the front of a shirt. Make sure the inks are made PVC or any other toxic chemicals but they should be made from water base or pigment basin. Next, let’s talk about the fabric. The fabric should be softer, thicker, even more durable than your conventional cotton. You’ll also notice the color is a more yellow natural looking color than the bright white which you maybe use too. The bright white means that’s been going to chlorine and you don’t want that. You can find bright white organic clothing. You just want to be sure that the cotton was dyed with some—speaking with dye, cotton does, organic cotton does come in colors. You can do this in green or just blue. This has been dyed with herbal base or plant base dye so you want to look at that as well. So, you read the label and you’ve examined the fabric. As boonies, you can ask yourself, how eco conscious is the company that I’m supporting? Are they fair straight certified? Are they supporting a trade or a farming association? Perhaps, they’re giving a percentage of their purchase to a charitable or a social cost that you believe in. If so, your baby can wear of any cotton and you can feel even better about it. For more information about organic baby clothing or from our personal recommendations, visit our website See you next time and here is your organic baby phrase of the moment.