How to Choose Natural Baby Products
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Shopping for pregnant mom or baby products can be bewildering. What's the difference between natural and organic? What additives should parents be on the lookout for? Lafe from Lafe's Natural and Organic helps the DadLabs guys to sort it all out. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Clay: Hey, welcome back to Gear Daddy. I am Daddy Clay, sitting in this week for Daddy Troy, who is at a parent teacher conference. We have got with us in the studio today, Lafe from Lafe's Natural and Organic Products and he is going to talk to us about safe baby products. So, Lafe, your guys get us here to the ground, the baby products industry. Dude, I have got a question for you, do you think that baby products are safer or less safe now then they were 10 or 15 years ago? Lafe: Absolutely, I think the consumer is looking for safer, better, more natural, more organic products for their children. If the consumer also understands that there is a lot of options in the market place and that there is today with all the extensive use of plastics and that there is a lots of toxins that leach from those plastic into the food and the liquids that we give our children. Daddy Clay: So that's why your products are doing so well? Lafe: Well, we think that's part of it. The fact that it is certified organic ingredients. In fact, that we are using a first ever baby safe plastic that doesn't leach toxic chemicals, we think really helps. Daddy Clay: Can you walk us through what the product line is we get here for babies? Lafe: We have got a Foaming Shampoo and Wash, one of the first foaming shampoo and washes. We have got a Message Oil for the infant and it's 100% organic ingredients here. We have got a Mother-To-Be deodorant spray for the mom-to-be or the nursing mom because we know the Bisphenol A crosses the percentum and also get some brisk out and as we know Bisphenol A is something that many mothers are avoiding because of the concerns about what it does to infants. The other product we have is a Geranium based Bug Repellent, it's a very light but yet effective bug repellent. Many people use Citronal which is really too strong for the infant and the fifth product we have, but we don't have picture of it quite yet is the some Massage Lotion. Daddy Clay: So these products are all organic which means I assume that they smell really bad. Lafe: They are rather fragrance free, means they don't have any lavender or any essential oils accept--. Daddy Clay: That can throw any petroleum on those bad boys or something else like smell them up. Lafe: We have not thought about that but fragrance is important because for infants, any kind of essential oils or fragrances, many times it might cause skin irritation, can cause allergies and trigger reactions and we don't want to expose that infant to anything that's going to create any problems for them. Daddy Clay: Organic, natural, how is the parent supposed to sort through all these buzz words and decide what products right for their baby? Lafe: Good question. Organic is probably the highest standard that's out. Organic means it's usually a Botanical ingredient that's been grown under conditions where there is no pesticides, insecticides or harsh chemicals used on to the Botanical plant and this process that under an environment where again the processing plant has been certified, all the equipments been clean so we don't have any residual pesticides and that sort of thing. Our website is, all the products are available online. So let's gives lot of information about the products on our web press There is a lot of links to studies and reports about the hazards of Bisphenol A and pthalates. Daddy Clare: Well thanks a lot for coming in and talking to us about organic products and basically laying up is really cool baby products that you should have get Lafe's Natural Organic Baby Products.