How to Choose Healthy Snacks
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Jennifer Hood teaches you how to choose healthy and nutritious snacks for your diet.


FLN Smart Tips with Nutrition Expert Jennifer Hood. Jennifer Hood: Healthy snacks are the best way to combat between meal cravings and can give you before and after workouts. Here are some smart tips to smart snacking. Combine protein, fat and carbohydrates in every snack and meal. Salisbury and peanut butter with dried blueberry are raisins, great solo yogurt, fresh fruit and high fiber cereal or avocado and salsa with feta chips are always good options. Read the labels, not all nutrition bars are good for you. Sugar should be less than 12 grams without added sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols. Great snack size serving of your favorite snacks so you don’t over due it, small of black bag are reusable container to makes snacks ready to travel or when hiking running a raking. Follow the best steps for healthy snacking. For more go to