How to Choose Camping Packs
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The great outdoorsman Dick Person explains about the types of packs that you may want with you next time you go camping, such as Canoe, backpacks and daypacks.


Lora: It looks like we are both interested in finding about packs, now we turn to Dick to find out what kind of packs there are and what are there uses are. Dick: Okay, first pack, canoe packs. Number two, back packs. Number three, day packs. Lora: Okay so what do you have in front of you right now Dick? Dick: These are Canoe packs. A canoe pack is designed to keep center of gravity low in the canoe and be very high capacity, as you can see here in this frost river pack, lots of capacity, very tough canvas. Long lasting, mu first pack is a teenager was a pack just like this. Now over here we are looking at a more contemporary form of it in a heavy duty water proof material, you notice it has straps also for carrying. Now the big advantage here is that when you take three turns of this down like that and then lock that together, everything in there is water proof. You also have a top flap as does that pack under when you can put things when you are making a partridge you may want to take out your shirt it is too hot, what ever it might be and of course if you want to keep things water proof in here, you just put them in a large plastic bag and tie the top of that down.\ Lora: So when looking for a canoe pack. The basics are either something that is water proof or none named material or just our basic traditional canvas. Dick: Right and a large capacity and low center of gravity in the canoe. Lora: right. Dick: Now Lora we are going to talk about back packs, we want to talk first about the suspension system. This consists of an internal flame which you cannot see here in a heavy duty waste bag system because the pack is to be designed in the bag so that it shifts the load to the hips. That is the easiest place to carry it. If you carry it on the shoulders all the time, you are going to get very tired. We want heavy duty pack club as you see in this pack. It has accessory outside pockets that can be removed and down here it has a zippered compartment. Up here, it loads at the top. Now we take this one, it is everything as essentially the same as the other except this one is totally top loading. Lora: So over all, then the difference here is that if I will purchase this pack, the advantage is that, though it has hand zippers I can access it from the bottom as well as the top and if purchase this pack then it has no zippers, no potential of this failing but I cannot access at various areas, it is only top loading. Dick: Well you learned well you know. Lora: Thank you. Dick; Well look at day packs now, probably the most used of all because everybody from school kids carrying right on to. Well look at a very traditional one here which has no frame but it is very rugged and very simple and very strong water proof material. Has a nice large capacity. It has got inside zipper pockets; it has got a flat very here for loading things that you want to grab quickly. It will last to lifetime basically and this is one those great frostier of every products. Over here we have a more contemporary type of day pack. It has a main pocket here for your larger items and then three zip pockets in this area. It also has a small internal frame with a waist belt. So now zipper pockets here give you access to your film, to your water bottle, you know what ever it might be and because we are not taking a lot of stress, these zippers will last well. Lora: and it allows you to compartmentalize all of you items. Dick: That is it. Lora: Well that is great. Oaky so over all then we got three main packs that we have explored, we got the canoe pack, we got the back pack and the most people use is just the day pack. Dick the viewer and I still are not sure though, how to low the pack. Dick: Okay, if you snap on the segment on loading, I am going to show you how.