How to Choose Bras for the Third Trimester
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Learn how to choose bras for the third trimester in this series of pregnancy videos with Dr. John Schmitt.


Host: Are there special bras for women in their third trimester? Dr. John Schmitt: Well, yeah there are. I think in the third trimester you are to start getting used to a nursing bra especially obviously, if you are going to breastfeed and I think one thing I would emphasize is one bra fit is really important to really probably, I don't like under wire bras because they tend to ride up and be uncomfortable and so a good nursing bra and that is probably the time to be fitted and get used to wearing those and that will be very comfortable through the light third trimester. Your breast size may change a little after pregnancy for the first few weeks but then it will normalize back and so bras that you buy later in pregnancy usually will last you through breastfeeding and work really well. So that's what I would do and avoid under wires if at all possible.