How to Choose a Sleeping Bag for Camping
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Dick Person explains about the various types of sleeping bags and helps you choose the right bag for you.


Lora: So I had paper patter on my sleeping bag last night. Dick: Well they did not give in any way. Lora: No they did not, well speaking about sleeping bags, I am actually interested in purchasing a sleeping bag as I am sure some of the consumers out there are as well, what I need to know is what are the main questions I ask when going to purchase my bag. Dick: Alright, number one would be the purpose that you are going to use the bag for, the back pack that carry around the car, you are going to take in a horse packing trip, whatever alright? Then secondly what is going to be the minimum temperature that you are going to use that bag at, that is going to be the flag that you are going to use for buying the bag with certain amounts of fill and then we have weight and we have built and those of course become very pertinent we are going to be putting that on your back. Not so important in the other areas, so let us take a look it. This is a rectangular type of bag with a lining synthetic fill and generally used for car camping, base camping type scene, too bulky to be carrying on your back, to heavy also. Now here we go to a synthetic fill which is a tapered loamy type bag and which keeps weight down and also price. We are going over here to this one, now this is a very light summer bag but it has the advantage of being able to be used because of its ample cut as an over bag. Lora: What is an over bag? Dick: Well an over bag is one that can fit over the top of another bag and increase its temperature range radically. So that way this lightweight summer bag could be made to a much made to be used to much lower temperature by adding that over bag, and now we get to the premium material which is down, now down gives you more warmth for volume and weight that any other material, it ways roughly about half of what the synthetic fill amount would be for the same temperature range and of course it is expensive. This one is made for very low temperature sets. Lora: Now, if I want to purchase one if this bags and I ended up in an environment when it is colder, what can I do, if I do not have this? Dick: Okay, couple of things, one could fill your water bottle. put it around the middle of your body in the bag. You can zip two bags together if had that option, that will increase the warmth a lot and then you can have silk or at least liner and they also would drive the temperature range down for you body very nicely. Lora: So there are three main points, purpose, what you are doing with your bag. Temperature, how cold is the environment as can be and the weight of the bag, whether you put it in your back or you can do whatever you are doing. Dick: You got it. Lora: Great, thanks very much.