How To Choose A Gift For Your Friends Or Family
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Nancy R. Mitchell gives us some protocol and etiquette advice on gift giving, such as what are some tips regarding gift giving with friends and family


What are some tips regarding gift giving with friends and family? Spend within your means and give for the right reasons. If you are for instance giving because you are obligated to give and you know someone is giving you a gift and you must give them a gift, you maybe giving for the wrong reason. Have a sincere talk with yourself and say, “Does the occasion bear with a gift? Is my relationship close enough with that person, be a friend or relative to give a gift?” and then make that decision. So many people jump in to buying a gift when a card will do just the same purpose. You are saying in the card, “I’m thinking about you. This is an important occasion. I’m sharing my friendship with you. I’m sharing my thoughts with you.” That maybe perfectly appropriate in place of a gift. You don’t always have to give a gift for every occasion in everyone’s life. You just need to consider the circumstances and your relationship and then choose accordingly. Also, choose gifts that are going to be appropriate for the person and when in doubt, it’s perfectly alright to choose gift cards or make a donation or a contribution in someone’s name for a cost that you know that is important to them or is important to you. The gift can also reflect your likes, your philosophy if you will. If you decide on the gift that is eco-friendly that is perfectly alright even if you know the other person doesn’t share your views. So it’s a science if you will. Choosing the right gift for somebody but you just want to make sure it’s appropriate, you have not sent the wrong message, and that you’re not spending more money than you should be for the relationship or for where you are in your career, your budget, whatever.