How to Choose a Diaper Bag
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A diaper bag is one of the most essential items parents will need once a new baby arrives. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad offer advice on how to choose diaper bags. They review a few options, including a Timbuk2 messenger bag, and backpacks from Diaper Dude and The North Face. Gear Daddy Troy also weighs in on whether or not dad needs a dedicated diaper bag. We'd love to hear thoughts from other dads. Join the conversation at and tell us what you look for .....


Clay: The question for today is when a dad wants to carry all of these does he need one of these or maybe just one of these? Brad: We know that carrying the baby, baby bag is the way to go. But what about all the trips to the mall? Clay: That's a very good question that obviously there a lot of choices out there when it comes to choosing a diaper bag for a dad. And the first question is does dad even need a separate bag? No, this is the bummer when it comes to lemons bags. It's stylish as you can see. And it's big inside, lots of pockets, lots of zippers for all these stuff. Brad: Check this out. It's cool. You zip that down and voila! You can change the kid. And the changing pad is removable so you can wash it in case there is kind of accident. Clay: Yeah, the thing I like about it my wife keeps all these stuff staked and you know it always goes where the baby goes. So, we just carry it around. Simplicity! Brad: When it comes to messenger style bags, that’s the kind that you prefer. You can also go with there is a dad gear. There are a number of brands out there specifically for dads or you can just go with a generic messenger bag that’s not a specific diaper bag. A lot of guys on talking about Tim buck two bags. Now my question is I like the messenger style. I understand that you like the accessibility when you open up, you're still wearing it. I kind of like the backpack. Clay: Yeah. It sounds like a backpack. Brad: Yeah, but not like this. This was sent to us by the guys at diaper dude to text out. This is a diaper dude pack and this is a backpack diaper bag. Some very cool features on this that I like very much. Clay: Show me. Brad: Well you’ve got the stroller handle hangers. One of the things that I really like at this, you got an insulted front pocket. But what I really like is the C-shaped opening that allows you to open this up and turn it into a real changing station. It lays flat, room for all of your gear, enough pockets for a diaper bag. There is also a very cool side slot for a dedicated folding changing pad which I like very much. And this front pocket, you can access it from—bag is open, also when it's closed. Here is one of the features that’s really kind of cute. You look into here, there is a checklist. And I know it seems silly but for those of us who have been sleep deprived with a newborn headed out, it's actually kind of nice to have this checklist to make sure you’ve got all the gears. Clay: See what I'm doing. Brad: You're right. This is very interesting and the price point gear is about $100.00 which sort of got me thinking although I really like a lot of features at that same price point, I could pick up a surge from the Northface. And there are some features about this that I prefer to the dedicated diaper bag particular when it comes to the pockets. There are tons of organizing pockets in this bag that allows me to put away my sunglasses, my cords. There are zipper pockets. There is a second layer that’s got places for my phone, for pens, for books and still there is plenty of available space for all of this gear to go inside. My wife and I when our kids were little, we just put all the baby gear inside one zip lock and we put it in whatever bag we were carrying. So the big question for me is you go for something that’s more generalized that will be very useful after the baby is out of diapers or you go to something specialized? I really don’t know. I can't decide which one I should go. Clay: You know what you got to do. Brad: What’s that? Clay: Ask the gear daddy. Male: Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad are right. There are a whole bunch of different types of diaper bags out there. For my—gear daddy, there are three things that you can get in a dedicated diaper bag that you can't get in any other bags. Clay: Number one, dedicated stroller straps. Number two, the ability to fold out the bag flat like the one that Clay showed you from the diaper dudes. And the finally, the guys over at dad gear, they have his quick access white case that I really like. So if these three things are important, you go to dedicated diaper bag otherwise get whatever bag you want because you're more likely to use that as time goes on. So, obviously there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to diaper bags and increasingly there are more and more choices specifically for dads. Now, we want to know what has or hasn’t worked for you. Brad: So head on over to Join the conversation and let us know what diaper bag worked for you or did you just carry around a paper sack? Clay: We want to thank our sponsor Baby Bjorn. When it comes to the front factory baby, there is no choice Baby Bjorn and this baby carrier. Thanks Baby Bjorn. Brad: That’s all for us this week in the lab at Clay: See you next time.