How to Choose a Bath Tub
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In this episode of The Lab, the dads offer a basic orientation on infant bath tubs for babies. What kind of bathtub do you want for your baby? Check out the types and features on these baby products in this introductory video.


Brad: How are you there dude dads? And welcome to the Dad Lab at I'm Daddy Brad. Clay: And I'm Daddy Clay. Rubby dub dub. Brad: Let's talk about tub. Clay: Splish Splash, time for that baby to take a bath. And you want to be there to. First, let's talk a little bit about some safety. Never, never, never leave a baby untended in a tub for any reason. Brad: Never. Clay: Phone rings. That’s why there are answering machines, no need to check your blackberry while your baby is bathing. Okay. Next off, you want to make sure that you use appropriate temperature water. Nice and warm, not too hot. A lot of these tubs will come equipped with little thermometers built in. make sure you check that before you put the baby in the water. And always use the appropriate type of soap with your child. New borns, they have specially formulated soap, just for them. And of course tear free soaps and shampoos for the kids when they get a little bit older. Now, let's talk tubs. Brad: This is your standard issue new born washing device. It’s got a nice non-slip piece of plastic or rubber here. So you can lay the baby down and wash, wash, wash, wash. It’s got a sturdy plastic, so it doesn’t bend underneath the weight of the baby or the water. And it’s got a nice little drain here. So when you're done, you just pop the drain and the water goes out. Clay: Now know that as soon as you put the baby in the tub, particularly those little boys, same thing is opening up that diaper up. Yeah, exactly. You know, el fontan. A little rainbow of enthusiasm that little boy share once they hit the open air or the water. Girls the same thing, a little bit different trajectory. Now this can go down in the tub, or it can go on the cabinet. Anywhere you want to. Lots of great, great times there. Now once the baby gets to be 6 months, can sit up, you might think about investing in a little unit like this. This little inflatable tub makes bath time lots of fun. Kids love it, it’s also great for travel, because obviously it can be deflated. Put this in your suitcase and away you go. Another neat feature, it has built in, the thermometer we're talking about. It will give you a little green dot if the temperature of the water is okay. Another thing that I really like is this little tab right here, this allows you, little suction cap to put this on the shower wall after you're done. Everything drains out, it’s nice and dry, clean for next time that you're ready to use it. So this is a fun way to go. There are lots of different tubs out there. It’s really hard to go wrong, but if you don’t feel like investing in a tub. Brad: Like our forefathers use to do. Clay: Go old school. Brad: Old school baby. Clay: Full length sponge that they sell at baby stores. A couple of towels and you can give your baby a bath. Not too much water, doesn’t take all that much, but make sure that no matter what kind of tub you're using, Whether its plastic inflatable or the good old kitchen sink, that you are there for that bath time. Because it is a load of fun. That baby smile, that baby giggles, and baby loves a tub. So you be there for that time. Alright? That’s for us, Daddy Clay. Brad: Daddy Brad. Clay: Where here at the Dad Labs. Splish splash.