How to Check if Your Child Understood the Verbal Directions
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Dr. Rene Hackney explains some tips on how to give your children verbal directions, and how can parents check a child's understanding of verbal directions


Host: How can parents check a child s understanding of verbal directions? Parents can check a child s understanding of verbal directions by asking the child either to repeat back to them, what they just said, or by saying tell me what I told you about. Give me back what you think and then the child may paraphrase and actually the paraphrasing is better than just repeating back because it shows, the child really, took it in and understood it. He is able to give it back to you in a different version. Parents might also check understanding as the child starts to complete the task. As they start to follow directions, parents who check in more often, parents who check on the progress and say, Wow what are you going to do next? What have you done so far? They are reviewing with the child, how well they follow directions already and what their next step is. So, it helps children to work from an outline, to keep the steps in mind.