How to Check a Baby's Dirty Diapers
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How to Check a Baby's Dirty Diapers - Learn the basics about how to diaper your baby, how many diapers you'll need, how often you'll be changing the baby and how to handle the cleanup with ease.


Hi, I am Marylou Teitz with Lamaze International and I am showing you how to diaper your baby. Right now I am going to show you how to check your baby s diaper to see if it is dirty. Begin by opening the tab at the front of the diaper and pulling them away and take the front of the diaper and pull it partially down, passing to allow your baby to urinate, using the front of the diaper as a shield to protect you, then continue pulling the diaper away and observe to see how much clean up it is going to be required. Be aware that the stools of the breastfed baby will be loose and a bright mustard yellow, but greener like a fine Dejeuner whereas the stools of a formula fed baby will be a familiar brown formed stool. So that is how we check to see if the baby s diaper is dirty. Now, we will move on to cleaning up the diaper area.