How to Changing a Situation can Treat Depression
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Learn how to changing a situation can treat depression in this video with Dr. Kim Penberthy.


Host: Can changing a job, marital status or some other situation treat depression? Dr. Kim Penberthy: Well, it's not really a treatment for depression, but sometimes during the course of your therapy for instance, it may come up that these are sources of stress that are making your depression worse and that would be something you would work out with your doctor about whether or not a change might be good, but that certainly, could be part of the treatment but doing that on your own especially, when you are depressed is probably not a good idea. It's never a good idea to make a permanent decision in a temporary situation and so hopefully, if you are suffering from depression we can make that a temporary thing through treatment. You don't want to make any big decision like that while you are depressed because things may change if your depression lifts. So that's something I would advise you not to do on your own but to workout with your doctor or your Therapist and it may come that to be that those things change but they may not. If the depression lifts, those things might get better on their own.