How to Change a Baby's Diaper
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How to Change a Baby's Diaper - Learn the basics about how to diaper your baby, how many diapers you'll need, how often you'll be changing the baby and how to handle the cleanup with ease.


Hi, I am Marylou Teitz with Lamaze International and I am showing you how to change your baby s diaper. Right now I am going to show you how to deal with a baby with a diaper rash. Always check your baby's bottom during a diaper change for signs of inflammation, redness or bums all of which would be indications of a possible diaper rash. Clean the area well and pat dry and if time allows, give your baby an opportunity to spend some time air drying. This will speed the healing process. You can also use a diaper rash ointment during the diaper change and that may speed the healing process. Now, you are ready to put on a clean diaper. Begin by grasping your baby's ankles together and gently lifting, then take the diaper and slide that fresh diaper underneath your baby's bottom, positioning it so that the pads are at the top facing you then bring the front of the diaper forward, grasp the tab, pull it away from the diaper exposing the sticky side and bring it forward, fastening it just below the baby's navel to the same on the other side. Then if your baby's umbilical cord stem is still healing fold the front of the diaper down and away from that umbilical cord stem to avoid any shaping or irritation. So that is how to diaper your baby.