How to Change a Baby's Cloth Diaper
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How to Change a Baby's Cloth Diaper - Learn the basics about how to diaper your baby, how many diapers you'll need, how often you'll be changing the baby and how to handle the cleanup with ease.


Hi, I am Marylou Teitz with Lamaze International; I am showing you how to diaper your baby. An alternative to using disposable diapers is to use a cloth diapers in a reusable wrap. The process is very similar to the diapering process with the disposable. You will place the cloth diaper directly in the wrap and place your baby in the wrap with the pads at the top as before. Bring the front of the diaper forward and then bring this sticky tabs across the front, fastening them just below the baby's navel and that is how you use a reusable wrap with a cloth diaper.