How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Away From Home
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Sissy Biggers teaches you a few tips on how you can break with tradition and celebrate Thanksgiving away from home.


How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Away From Home Essential information from Fine Living At Thanksgiving of course it’s so important to honor tradition but I also think there’s a time and a year to break this tradition. Why not go out to that Inn that’s 10 or 20 miles at the road that has always looked really quaint or maybe want to eat at the fancier restaurants you wanted to try and it will give a host just a chance to get out of some of her heavy work they come to Thanksgiving from the planning, to the executing, to doing the dishes. If you’re spending Thanksgiving at a resort or in a town where you don’t have any family why not pack a floral arrangement or a little basket of gourds something to create that atmosphere of home in your hotel room. This year, my family will be guest at my brother’s house and I’ve already decided that we’re going to bring one of our family traditions bring a little piece of our home to his table. Find more at