How to Catch Bonito Fish with a Spinning Gear
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This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez shows you how to catch bonito with a spinning gear, the common gear used by fishing beginners.


Dan Hernandez: For those who are brand new to this sport, spinning rod is a good way to get started. This may vary here, it's all the same technique. You wind down, lift up, doesn't matter what kind of gear are you using. Yeah, there it is. Nice Benita, nice big Benita. One of my bigger one for the day, there we go. This is up, what we have got, nice big Benita. You see that gear we're using, this is a spinning reel, Fluger spinning reel. Dan Hernandez custom rod and made by Shakespeare. There's a red eagle pop up right there. Just want to show you that even nice sized Benita like this, you can get with this spinning gear, it's no problem. [Video Playing: 00:00:43 - 00:01:26]