How to Buy Women's Running Shoes
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Francesca shows you how to choose the right running shoe according to how you run and wear your shoes, and helps you find which running shoes are best for you.


Hi, I am Francesca and I am here to talk to you about how to buy women’s running shoes. So, this were not just running shoes that you just saw, their a little sturdier, more heavy weight, but that is really not I want to talk to you about. What I want to talk to you about is how do you know what type of runner you are? Basically, you either lean out, which is supination or user ten to grow in just pronation. So, if your shoes are worn on the outside, which is the most common actually that means that you are a supinator and your feet tend to role out when you are running and if they wear on the inside your pronator and you role in, when you are running. Now, if you have high or chase you are most likely going to be supinator, wearing that way. And you can tell by looking at your shoe and you get some worn on the outside you are a supinator. And, if it is worn on the inside you are a pronator. And, there are different kinds of shoes that are constructed differently for which tendency you have. So, I recommend you, looking an old pair shoes, bring them with you to the running store. Go to a store that is actually, but do not go to the hip sneakers stores, go to the dorky running stores that are actually know about running and the guys that work there or women that work there, know about running. And, they looked at your old shoes, they examine them and they let you run on the block and like see what it feels like. Alternatively there are store in mail order companies, internet companies that you can send your old sneakers to, and they will actually like asses based on the wearing tear of their shoes, what kind of runner you are and what kind of sneakers they will recommend. So, I am Francesca and there are some tips on how to buy women’s running shoes.