How to Buy Big-Ticket Items
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Online shopping expert Helen Malani has tips for buying big-ticket items.


Host: Fine Living Network’s Smart Tips with online shopping expert Helen Malani. Helen Malani: What is the secret to deep discounts? It is all in the timing. If you need a new appliance, consider waiting until a holiday to buy. Those three day holiday weekends always have blow out sales. Think about buying before your appliance has break down and you are forced to buy out of necessity. For instance, your 15-year-old dryer is five years past warranty and showing signs of slowing down. You probably save more money in the long run by buying a new one then repairing the old one. If you are buying furniture, the new lines for the next year usually hit stores in August. So you’ll start to see some great sales in June. So what have you learned about buying big ticket items? If you buy at your time then you can save big time. Host: For more, go to