How to Buy a BBQ Grill to Fit in a Small Room
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Fine Living Network teaches you what to look for when buying a BBQ grill to fit in a small apartment.


Shopping with Chefs. Francisco: Hi! My name is Francisco. Ruben: And I am Ruben. Francisco: We just moved in the city. We have a very small space. On the weekends we like to get a lot of people together. Ruben: We like to grill. Francisco: We are very social, so it is very big part of what we do. And we are looking for a grill that works in our small space. Ruben: So we called David. And we find out he is the Grill Expert. David: So it actually does the dishes, this machine, no. Ruben. This is like no. David: Alright guys, so we are looking for something small, right? Francisco: Yes. David: Alright, you want it fit for either transportation or at home or right at back. Ruben: Camping. David: Okay great! So I think this one is really cool because you can actually travel with it. Think about all of those really great tailgating parties. Stainless steel all the way through, has this really great technology called Trusteer or Infrared Technology. Everybody loves this stuff. Because the reason as you can steer this at a super-high heat 28000 BTUs, unbelievable. You have some adjustments right here for the temperature, it's Propane, easy to clean, great vents to get the air-flow through. Really super simple setup. And the best part is that you can just lock this up. Weighs 18 lbs, put it right into the car. It's around $200. Heats up in three minutes, cools down super, super fast. What do you think? Ruben: Do you have something little bit more sophisticated. Francisco: Bigger. David: A little bit bigger, okay, let's go take a look at some other stuff. We are going to check out some bigger stuff. Alright, I have another one right here. You guys have probably seen this one before. It's a little bit of a classic. Francisco: Right. David: The old sort of kettle type of charcoal grill. Now charcoal is awesome because you have a great flavor with it. It's pretty simple, you just have a bag of charcoal and you light it up. It's around $60, and I actually use this one at home. Still, to this day, I love it. Absolutely love it. Francisco: I like it. I even like the look of it, but I'd like to go with something a little bit higher end. David: Okay. These guys are tough. Alright guys, take a look at this. I think I found them the grill. Okay, first of all you see that it's still relatively small, right. Francisco: Right. David: But then you have a little bit of extra width here so you can put your meat and your vegetables. It's a great little working area. Cast iron grades right here, which are the best. Cast iron rules because once it gets hot it's basically non-stick. And what's also cool, guys, you can close this up, and grab that handle for me. You can literally take this with you. Ruben: Oh that's cool. Francisco: Wow! Terrific! David: How about that? It's kind of cool, right? Francisco: Yeah. David: So you have the ability to have a stand. This stand is separate. It's around $50 or so. You can also find a stand that really works, if you don't like this one. This one is around $200 for the grill. And I think I got them. What do you think? Francisco: I like the fact that it is going to be a lot easier to clean. David: Okay. Francisco: I like the surface top. Ruben: And I like the portability of being able to be in the backyard with this stand, if we wanted to go to the beach or camping or whatever. Go and put it on top of the picnic table or on the ground. David: Awesome! Guys I think you have your grill. What do you think? Is that cool! Alright. Good. Francisco: We met with David and he helped us pick out a wonderful grill. Ruben: It meets our needs for our small living space. It's barbeque time! Francisco: Barbeque time!